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Measurements and temperatures

Using consistent units for measurements and temperatures helps people to understand information.


Use metric measurements where possible. Include the full word for the measurement the first time you use it and then abbreviate after.

For example:

  • square metre (sq m)
  • square foot (sq ft)
  • centimetre (cm)
  • metre (m)
  • kilometre (km)

Do not use a space between the numeral and the abbreviated measurement, for example use 20cm, not 20 cm. This avoids misinterpretation.

If you have to use them, do not abbreviate imperial measurements. Instead use the full word, for example ‘miles’ or ‘inches'.


Use Celsius for temperature, for example 160°C.

If you’re listing an oven temperature include the Celsius, fan Celsius and the gas mark, for example 180°C/fan 160°C/Gas 4. You do not need to include the Fahrenheit.

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