Last reviewed: 5 Nov 2021

Content guidelines


Emojis are small digital images or icons that you can use to represent emotions, ideas or actions.


Do not use emojis to replace words. Doing this will:

  • cause confusion
  • stop people scanning content

Emojis have an alt text description in them that will be read out by some assistive technologies. Avoid using too many or repeated emojis as this could lead to the same alt text being read out several times.

Use emojis:

  • with caution, sometimes they can come across as annoying or forced
  • at the end of sentences or statements rather than breaking up lines of text with them
  • that are more popular and therefore more likely to be understood
  • that can be seen clearly in both light and dark mode
  • that work well across devices, you can use the emoji chart to check

For more information go to the Content Design London Readability Guidelines section on emojis.

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