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Success notification

Use the success notification to inform the user that an action they have taken within a service is complete.


Success notifications tell a user that they have completed a step in a process but that there may be more action they want to take. For example a success notification could confirm that someone's bank card has been linked to an account.

If the user has reached the end of a process, provide a success page (a page which confirms that we have received and will act on the information they've given us).


You are nearly signed up - just confirm your email address

To confirm your subscription, click the link in the email we’ve sent you.

Success notification used to inform a user that they have signed up and that a second step is required to confirm their subscription.

Required elements


The title should clearly state that the action was successful and what the next step is.


Use a brief line of text, preferably a single sentence, to provide more information.

This could be asking them to check their emails for a confirmation link.

Optional elements


If you use a link it should direct the user to an action they need to take to complete the process.

If you are using a link you can also make the whole notification into a clickable link. Make sure that any text link you include and this link go to the same place.

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